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Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Fall has finally arrived and hope that everyone had a great summer!

It was good to hear that our brothers at the Lewiston Lodge are doing well and that the town of Lewiston was saved by our brave firefighters!

Our Governor Frank Peck and myself went to the convention in Reno from September 14th to the 16th. One of the most exciting things that Moose International is implementing is the consolidation of the women and men as one. They have started the process that I feel will help to consolidate all Moose Members into one membership. I feel that this will give everyone a feeling of ownership in what goes on at our lodge. To one day nominate and elect a woman as Governor is exciting to think about and well past time. Moose International and myself as well feel that this change is well past do. Next year the convention in Reno in March will be held jointly with both women and men sitting side by side in the convention rooms.

Next month the lodge will be closed from Friday October 5th to Sunday October 7th for our officers to attend the District Meeting in Lewiston which put in many hours working as kitchen and bartending duties. The lodge has rented out the lodge from Tuesday October 2nd to Friday October 5th to the Paradise Chamber of Commerce for pie baking once again the 1000 pies for Johnny Appleseed Days will be cooked at our lodge.

Another event that we are excited about is the bike giveaway that we will be at the lodge on Saturday October 13th at noon. We will be partnering up with the Paradise Unified School District to give away 25 bikes to 25 children. Thank you very much to Garth Paterson for the bikes and Lori & Steve Crowder for the helmets that you have been generous enough to donate.

I would like to thank Raejean Goodwin and Lori Vance for the 4 years of dedication and loyalty to the moose and putting together and sending out the Moose Calendar and bulletin. The board of officers would like to wish Raejean a speedy recovery!

Some of the Things that we have fixed since the last time we installed two new Swamp Coolers at the lodge.

This is a friendly reminder of members who may not have received a renewal slip from Moose International and cards are currently expired this year: We look forward to being of assistance to you in getting them renewed. Contact the lodge at 877-9391.

I would like to thank all of the Moose Volunteers we had working at the lodge in September as they have every month this year that make all of the meals and functions happen. Thank you to all the volunteer bartenders and Kitchen crews that keep our lodge running smoothly. All I ask each member is if you are willing to serve the lodge in whatever capacity you feel passionate about to put your name on the board outside the Administrators Office and list what type of volunteer work you would like to provide and I am sure you will be contacted when needed.

We have great meals and functions that will be coming up in October so be sure to check the Moose Calendar either by picking up a copy at the lodge or go onto our website. If you haven’t done so yet sign up to receive the bulletin and calendar electronically it has a lot of advantages such as prompt delivery and reminders of events that are coming. Thank you, Kathy Noel, for the great job you are doing in putting the Bulletin, Calendar and Facebook together! We do daily reminders on Facebook so if you become a friend of the Paradise Moose Lodge you will receive reminders and also changes that may come up at the last minute.


Cy Morris
Paradise Moose Lodge 2227

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