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Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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  • 07/28/2020 LODGE MEMBERSHIP
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Administrator's Message
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I would like to start this message on a somber note. Two of our longtime moose members have passed away since my last Administrator Message. Jerry Moller and Ed (Mac) McLane have passed away both will be sorely missed and we would like to pass along our condolences to the Moller and McLane families.

We have our 51st Paradise Moose Lodge anniversary being celebrated at the lodge on August 29th. The Soul Posse Band will be providing the music entertainment. Food will be Tri-tip, chicken, beans and homemade peach cobbler for the price of $12.00. If you would like to attend all reservations will be by Pre Sale Tickets by dropping off your check at the Moose Lodge Social Quarters in an envelope with the amount of tickets you would like to purchase. Another way to purchase the tickets is by sending them to the Paradise Moose Lodge, PO Box 1176, Paradise, CA 95967. Last day to purchase tickets for the August 29th BBQ will be Saturday August 22 so we can get a head count and cut down on wasted food. Another day to put on your calendar will be November 8th the 2nd Anniversary of the Campfire we will be having a casual meal to be announced at a later date with the Soul Posse Band playing for our enjoyment on this day. The tickets for the Campfire Reunion will also be presale with the price and mal to be determined.

The next CA/NV Moose Convention will be a virtual one that will be held on September 11th to the 12th anyone interested in registering for this convention can contact me at 530-514-0907 to get a copy of the registration form. A lot of good information is always put out during the seminars that are conducted for our lodges and chapters benefit. Conversation will be held online for Convention.

We have started a new fiscal year for the lodge and look forward to seeing everyone keeping up the great work of inviting a family member, friend or neighbor to join our great fraternal organization and the support we provide to all the children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven that rely on us for their well-being and support! We would like to hear from our members who have not renewed yet; let us know what we can do to keep you as a part of our Paradise Moose Lodge.

Moose International has a membership drive that waivers the $20 application fees for new members as well as transfers. The Paradise Moose Lodge has membership promotional as well for LOOM member who pay 2 years of dues $120 to the Paradise Moose Lodge 2227 will receive an additional year of dues for free so will get 3 years dues for the price of 2 a little way for us to give back to our membership. Please send all checks made out to the Paradise Moose Lodge, PO Box 1176, Paradise, CA 95967.

Lifetime Membership is prorated based on how long you have been a Moose Member the longer you have been a member the cheaper it is. If I was a member of the WOTM Chapter 1628 I would be looking at a life time membership before the One Moose date takes effect on May 1st 2021. Currently the Chapter WOTM 1628 member pays $25 per year and when we become One Moose your dues will increase to $60 per year. The most that a WOTM 1628 Chapter member would pay for a lifetime membership if paid before May 1st would be $600 which is equivalent to (5) years of lodge dues once we become One Moose. The biggest benefit of being a lifetime member you don’t have to worry about your dues being raised. Contact me if you would like to purchase a lifetime membership and I can assist you. LOOM Members you should weight your options as well!

This is a friendly reminder to Lodge Members who have changed addresses or have not received a dues renewal slip from Moose International and who cards are getting ready to expire to contact us. I have the ability to change the addresses of the men (LOOM) members at this time but the women will need to still contact Moose International at 630-906-3658. We look forward to being of assistance to you in getting your dues renewed; don’t hesitate to contact me at 530-514-0907 or send all requests to Paradise Moose Lodge 2227, PO Box 1176, Paradise, CA 95967

August Birthday Wishes to the following Paradise Moose Members

Richard Barcroft, Nick Becker, Travis Bess, James Brody, James Brown, Ron Clark, Charles Collins, Charles Dee, James Frost, Esteban (Stubby) Garcia, Kyle Harrison, Gerry Himango, Les Ingram, Ronald Kohler, William McNelley, Martin McReynolds, Richard Mueller, Bob Noel, Larry Petersen, Robert Pompati, Dean Rice, Al Rydell, Mark Salyer, George Schiller, Don Stele, Mark Thorp and Craig Wilson.

If you haven’t sign up yet to receive the bulletin and calendar electronically it has a lot of advantages such as prompt delivery and reminders of events that are coming. Thank you, Kathy Noel, for the great job you are doing in putting the Bulletin, Calendar and Facebook together! We do daily reminders on Facebook so if you become a friend of the Paradise Moose Lodge you will receive reminders and any changes that may come up at the last minute.


Cy Morris
Paradise Moose Lodge 2227
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